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Event: DesignerCon 2016 - Surfing Otter - GingerBun Ornaments

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Event: DesignerCon 2016 - Surfing Otter - GingerBun Ornaments

This is my 5th year exhibiting at DesignerCon. This year's exclusives include a Surfing Otter and Mr. & Mrs. GingerBun ornaments. I will also be debuting 3 new enamel pins designs and 6 new stickers!


Flat Bonnie - Booth 317

Surfing Otter:
DesignerCon Exclusive
11" Handmade Plush - $50
Special DesignerCon signed and numbered tag.
Comes with removable magnetic surfboard and adoption certificate.
Made from faux fur and vinyl pleather.

Mr. & Mrs. GingerBun:
Designercon Exclusive
5" Handmade Holiday Ornaments - $25 each - $50 set of 2.
Special DesignerCon tag and numbered sewn in label.
Made of vinyl pleather.

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