All plushies are handmade to order. Please allow additional days during busy season (October - December )
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About Flat Bonnie

Flat Bonnie was created to help bring awareness to the life of bunnies in shelters and rescue centers.
Most people do not know that there are bunnies ready for adoption at these places.
Flat Bonnie plushes are made for people who love bunnies and for people who may want a real bunny but are not ready to provide the proper care and finances needed to raise the bunny.
When that person is ready for a real bunny, Flat Bonnie's message is to adopt from a local shelter or rescue center.
A portion of profits from Flat Bonnie's webstore is donated to bunny/ animal rescue organizations monthly.

We also donate many Flat Bonnie plushes to rabbit/ animal rescue centers.
Those donated plushes are sold or auctioned by the rescue, to raise money for the abandoned and abused animals in their care.
If you buy a Flat Bonnie plush at those rescue centers, 100% of the sale will go to the care of the bunnies/animals.

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