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Bat stuffed animal - Handmade plush doll - Lefty the Bat

$ 22.00

Meet Lefty the Bat.
Lefty can only fly in circles to the left because his right wing is larger than his left one.
When he tries to fly, he always ends up back where he started.
He doesn't mind though, because he never gets lost.

Lefty came all the way from the Amazon Rain Forest and loves Bananas, Mangoes and Cashews.
He is very shy and folds his wings over his face when girls talk to him.

Size: 16" wide x 6" tall (41 x 15cm)
Color: Black
Eyes: Clear with Black safety eyes (non-removable)
Material: Soft Fleece

Each plush comes with an adoption certificate.
All items are handmade using only animal friendly materials. Production time is 3-5 days.

Lefty the Flat Bat loves to cuddle with you, but should not be played with by tiny humans who love to eat stuffed animals.

A portion of sales is donated to bunny and/or animal rescue organizations monthly.

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