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Capybara stuffed animal - Flat Capy handmade plush toy

$ 22.00

Meet Flat Capy, the Capybara stuffed animal plush. 

Capybaras are like giant guinea pigs and are the largest rodents in the world. 

Each plush comes with an adoption certificate.
All items are handmade using only animal friendly materials. Production time is 3-5 days.

Size: 10" tall (25.5 cm)
Eyes: Black non-removable safety eyes
Color options:
1 - Caramel/ Tan
2 - Brown 
Material: Soft Fleece

Flatties love to cuddle with you, but should not be played with by anyone that loves to eat stuffed animals.

A portion of sales is donated to bunny and/or animal rescue organizations monthly.

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