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Red Panda stuffed animal - Handmade plush - aka Firefox, Lesser Panda

$ 40.00
Red Panda stuffed animal - a.k.a. Firefox, Lesser Panda - Handmade plush doll

Meet Rooney the Red Panda ( aka Firefox, Lesser Panda, Bear )
Rooney is a shy Flattie originally from the Himalayas.
He loves Root Beer and Bamboo.

Size: 10" tall (25.5 cm)
Color: Brown / Rusty Brown / White
Eyes: Black non-removable safety eyes
Material: Soft Fleece, Vinyl Pleather (fake leather)

Each plush comes with an adoption certificate.
All items are handmade using only animal friendly materials. Production time is 3-5 days.

Flat Rooney loves to cuddle with you, but should not be played with by small children who love to eat stuffed animals.

A portion of sales is donated to bunny and/or animal rescue organizations monthly.

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